Spirit Airlines Careers

Spirit Airlines is the largest ultra low-cost airline service in the United States. It has a fleet comprised of 49 Airbus aircraft, serves over 200 day flights to 43 destinations and provides career and job opportunities to thousands of flight attendants, pilots and airline crews and staff.

Spirit Airlines career opportunities provides well paying jobs and benefits to its employees and workers. Employees of Spirit Airlines receive different kinds of benefits such as unlimited free air travel, health benefits, a flexible schedule. Spirit Airlines career also provides you with a chance to work with different people and different working environment, enhancing your skills and proficiency in your line of work. It also provides a working environment for those who re just getting started in the airline industry.

To apply for a position in Spirit Airlines, you have to register at their website at www.spiritair.com. You will be notified of career opportunities and job openings. You can also browse through the Spirit Air’s website for job openings.

Upon registering, you will be asked to submit your resume, complete an online form and create a profile. You will automatically be bale to search for job openings within the airline company as well as send your applications online.

All of Spirit Airlines bases and destinations provide different job opportunities to choose from. Some of the career opportunities at Spirit Airlines are working as a flight attendant, a customer service agent, production controller, manager for aircraft maintenance, a quality control inspector, general manager for airport services, manager for aircraft maintenance, project manager, assistant dispatcher, luggage resolution coordinator, pilot as well as a quality assurance editor,manager for internal communications, inflight supervisor, manager for revenue management and director of crew resources. These job opportunities are available at different bases of Spirit Airlines such as Miramar,Dallas, Atlantic City,Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, Las Vegas and Houston.

If you have found a job opening that you are interested in, you can send your applications online. Kindly wait for the response from the Spirit Airlines team. Since Spirit Air receives and reviews hundreds of applications for a single position, it will take some time before they get back to you.

If Spirit Air thinks that you are right for the job, a meeting or an interview will be scheduled. At the interview, Spirit Air will assess if you are indeed compatible for the job. After the interview, wait for the airline company to contact you again. It is possible that Spirit Air will also interview other prospective applicants to choose the best one for the job. Once Spirit Air decides that you are perfect for the job, you will be contacted and informed.

It is best that you keep track of current job opening at Spirit Airlines. You can receive updates about Spirit Airlines career opportunities through their website, or you view the job opening table at http://spiritair.hodesiq.com/joblist.asp.

If your application is not accepted the first time, you can always apply for different positions or try applying at a different Spirit Airline base.

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